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FlexEDGE SOLITIONS |  logo design


FlexEDGE SOLITIONS is a company that has a very specific theme “flexible” and “cutting edge”. This company finding solutions and offers their help to other companies and organizations to increase their profit. Therefore, it needs to have a strong logo that not only represents the company’s field of work and has a professional look, but also has friendly, fresh, and attractive colours. Logo, that will be able to stand by itself without any test explanation and be easy recognizable by its clients.

Colour Choice

To give the logo corporate, yet fresh, friendly and attractive look the combination of two shades was used. Dark blue-green to provide the company established corporate appearance. Bright blue-green to give flesh, friendly and unique presence.

Logo Design Elements

For the logo element itself the 2 first letters of the company name were used. They were placed together as Lego elements to show that the company finds solutions and offers their help to other companies. It also gives the logo representation of the square to show the stability of the company. To show the “cutting edge” the square was placed on one of the four edges.


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